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An Incredible Holiday

Posted on August 29, 2017 by James Robbins

Philippa Jupp, a teacher from London, spent a terrific 10 days at Tigmi, relaxing and rejuvenating during the summer holidays.

I went to Tigmi at the start of August for 10 days with some friends and their family.

It was an incredible holiday that I will never forget.  Tigmi is such a fantastic place to relax with friends, have some drinks, and share some great food – and there is all of this in spades!

It has a very calm and relaxing atmosphere during the day time, sitting amidst a traditional berber village, bur during the evening Tigmi has a really great, fun atmosphere too.

The hotel has an amazing spa and is only a short journey away from the Souk which is always a great trip! There is always something to do; but it is also a fantastic place to relax and watch the world go by. Would strongly recommend to anyone.

Tigmi vs. Tagadert – Friendly Football Match with the Village

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Arabella Robbins

On a rather warm, blustery day in July this year we had a friendly football match organised for guests of the hotel versus members of the village that Tigmi is based in, Tagadert.

The football match is now a yearly event in the calendar, and is always organised by a lovely family who come most years to Tigmi, and who set up the initial football match.  It has always been very popular by guests and villagers alike!

On leaving the hotel, we walked up and down and up and down a few little hills, until we finally reached the football pitch.  The teams were 10 aside each and when game started, immediately the villagers and guests were fighting to score a goal!  Due to the fact that around Tagadert it is rather hilly, if the ball strayed from the pitch we had to be very quick to retrieve it – otherwise it was someone’s job to run to the bottom of the hill and back up (and in the July heat it’s not always fun!).

After a fantastic first half of the match, it was 1-0 to Tigmi Guests.  We took a quick breather at half time, but then it was round two!  After 5 minutes of play it suddenly became very, very windy, and even the villagers agreed that we would have to suspend the match for another day!  Once back at the hotel, the guests got together to discuss tactics with a cool Casablanca.

A few days later the match was continued, and a very close match it was, as by the end it was 1-1.  It went to penalty shoots, and that took the score to 2-1 to Tigmi Guests!  A celebration was had back at the hotel, and then just enough time for a quick swim and a shower before drinks and supper!