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The Pools & Gardens

With two pools, a number of plunges, and a wealth of beautiful aromas, the stunning gardens at Tigmi are yours to enjoy.

During your stay, Tigmi’s grounds are yours to explore and savour. Mazy paths lined with banana palms and citrus trees lead you around the beautiful gardens. Roses, hibiscus and bougainvillea bring a delicate aroma and add bursts of colour to Tigmi’s garden walls. Bask in the sun, or seek out the shade. You’ll find both in abundance.

The terrace is showered in sunlight and offers stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. It’s also home to the first of Tigmi’s two pools – perfect for cooling off with a quick dip, or stretching your legs with a relaxing swim.

In a shady, secluded garden, you’ll find the second of our pools. Solar heated all year to 26 degrees and surrounded by comfortable divans, it makes for an irresistible sanctuary from the Moroccan heat.

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