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Package: The Berber Rituals
Duration: 90–100 minutes
Price: 730dh 

Hammam Tagadert – 40 minutes

Black Soap with Lavender Essential Oil
The ashes of cocoa pods and plantain skins give traditional African black soap its dark colour, and many users swear by its cleansing powers: clearing blemishes, helping oily skin, and reducing acne. It’s great for removing make-up, too. The soap is combined with the soothing effect of lavender oil – great for removing nervous tension, relieving pain, and enhancing blood circulation – to give your treatment a cleansing and calming start.

Rhassoul Body Mask
Mined deep beneath the nearby Atlas Mountains, Rhassoul is a reddish-brown clay that creates a truly unique skin treatment. Thanks to its high mineral content and unique composition – including silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium – it reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin elasticity and firmness, and removes dead layers to leave your skin beautifully smooth.

Hair Mask

Rhassoul clay with seaweeds, rosemary, sage, murthe, ylang ylang essential oils and silk powder.

Shower & Bath in Hammam Hot Pool
Enjoy a long soak and a scrub in Tigmi’s environmentally-friendly, solar-powered hammam pool.

Massage – 45 minutes

Relaxing Massage

A calming and relaxing massage with rapeseed, coconut, argan oils & lavender, marjoram, mandarine and geranium essential oils

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