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Package: The Sultan's Treat (For Men)

Duration: 80-90 minutes

Price: 630dh

Hammam Essential Oils – 40 minutes

Black Soap with A Choice of Essential Oils
The ashes of cocoa pods and plantain skins give traditional African black soap its dark colour, and many users swear by its cleansing powers: clearing blemishes, helping oily skin, and reducing acne. It’s great for removing make-up, too. The soap is combined with the essential oils of your choice.

Full Body Exfoliation
A deep exfoliation, focusing on the back and legs, will remove all the dead layers of skin in order to leave your skin beautifully smooth.

Shower & Bath in Hammam Hot Pool
Enjoy a long soak and a scrub in Tigmi’s environmentally-friendly, solar-powered hammam pool.

Tonic Massage – 45 minutes

Detoxifying Tonic Massage

Using the oils of Argan, Grapeseed, Coconut and Vetiver, and also Tea Tree, Black Pepper, Rosewood and Grapefruit essential oils, your massage will be detoxifying, relaxing and leave you feeling revitalised.

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