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Welcome to Tigmi... a retreat hotel that will redefine your idea of relaxation

Tigmi is a boutique hotel nestled atop a tranquil berber village in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, just 15 miles south of the bustling city of Marrakech.

The word tigmi means “my house” in Tashelhiyt, a Berber language spoken in the Haouz plain and the High Atlas. 


Tigmi is found in the village of Tagadert El Kadi, built in 1840 for the local Kadi (judge), Issa Abou Mehdi, and today, Tagadert is home to over 800 inhabitants. The children of the village attend a small school in the nearby village of Oumnass which you can see from Tigmi (look for the big, white Kasbah in the distance, this is Oumnass - the Kasbah was a location for the film Hideous Kinky, starring Kate Winslet, released in 1998).


In 2001, Max Lawrence bought riads with four courtyards and, with an army of 150 local craftsmen workers, started to renovate, restore and reconstruct these riads to create what is today Tigmi 1, with the original ten rooms.


In 2006, Tigmi was bought by Julian and Belinda Robbins and in 2007 and 2008, fifteen more rooms were added, using the same traditional building techniques, to extend the Hotel and create Tigmi 2.


Tigmi has been constructed using the traditional Berber and Moroccan techniques, and whilst some of the features found in Tigmi would not typically be found in today’s local homes, all the materials are traditional and, where possible, locally sourced.


Most of the fabrics you will see at Tigmi (on the banquettes, cushions, wall hangings, etc.) have been woven by our weaver Ahmed (you can find his loom near the spa in Tigmi 1), the pottery is bought from a local potter, the ceilings are constructed from from Moroccan eucalyptus wood, the paved paths are constructed with stones from the Ourika valley, tadlakt (the traditional limestone based smooth plaster) covers the walls and floors, and all the buildings are constructed from reinforced pisé mud blocks.

We welcome you to Tigmi to enjoy its beautiful, simple charm and spend a few days at zero miles per hour.

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